About Alexandria marathon

This marathon is brought to you by ALEXRUNNERS, a sports company and community with a grand vision to bring you events that strengthen the culture of running and spread it the way it deserves while simultaneously targeting social causes, impacting not only individuals but societies as a whole.

This official race is the biggest and hottest of its kind in the city and consists of races that cater to everyone. The race consists of a full marathon of 42.195km, a half marathon of 21.097km, a 10k race, a 5k, a 2k family run, a 2k youth race and a 500- meters kids race.

There is a place for everyone here. Champions and professional runners will find their glory, and complete beginners will find their path, inspiration and a solid start to their running routine. We are an inclusive community that embraces all ages, genders, and abilities and we are waiting for you to come and run for your life and the lives of others not only for pleasure but for purpose too.

Our Team

Our team is made up of a diverse group of individuals who, together, form a strong and comprehensive unit to bring you the best events and make our social vision a reality.