The Man Behind the 01:59:40

History was made on 12 October 2019 at Prater park, Vienna, Austria by the Legendary Marathon Runner Eliud Kipchoge as he ran a full marathon in 1:59:40. 

The world has gone crazy over the news of the man who broke the limit and became the first to achieve the sub-two-hour marathon as part of INEOS 1:59 challenge. 

Kipchoge is an Olympic Medalist for 3 times now, an Athletic World Championship Medalist also 3 times, and

a World Marathon Majors Gold Medalist and now the first to run a full marathon under two hours! Eliud Kipchoge was supported by a whole team to make this incredible achievement HAPPEN!

The 4 Factors Led to the Incredible 1:59! 


The main game changer! Nike’s VaporFLY called AlphaFLY was designed to improve performance by 4%. These trainers introduced by Nike have a curved carbon-fibre plate embedded in their thick foamy sole, which Nike research says improve the metabolic efficiency with 4% and luckily they did!