Alexandria Marathon

Types of races

Full Marathon Race 42K

The ultimate test of mental and physical endurance for champions.

Half Marathon Race 21k

Fast and glorious. This race may be half a marathon, but it is not half the glory.

10k Race

Test your running stamina with the powerful 10k distance

5k Fun run

Fast and to the point. Run with a buddy for the ultimate adrenaline rush.

2k Youth Race

A test of speed for competitive youngsters.

2k Family Run

Have a fun family day out and race with your kids.

Kids Race (500meters)

A short race for the little ones where they get their first medal and feel a sense of accomplishment. Totally worth it!

Para race

This day is for everyone, and this race is for those with spirits of steel.

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We are community on the run

All ages, genders, abilities, individuals, groups and humans of all shapes and forms are encouraged to join us and be a part of a fun-filled community that aims to make a change one race at a time

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    Enjoy running with all its benefits while supporting Cancer patients through our partner Alexandria kids Cancer hospital. Make a difference to your life and theirs.